Ministry in the South eastern Region (Manga)

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July 20, 2018
Duplex compact
July 20, 2018

Ministry in the South eastern Region (Manga)

Object : administrative building

Site surface : 10.000 qm

Useful surface : 642 qm

Construction period : 2013 -2017

Location : Manga, Burkina Faso

Customer : Burkina State

Design : B.A.D / Supervision: B.A.D

Located approximately in the center of the lot, the three storey star-shaped with three (03) branches construction consisting of offices, meeting rooms and a central part including the vertical circulation and terraces at each level with an original façade is a reminder of the Burkinabe culture. Indeed it is composed of symbols such as the broken calabash symbol of femininity and roofs reminding that of the traditional Mossi huts.

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