The firm B.A.D was created in 1990 (Cf. trade register) by its current Managing Director (architect by profession) and has expanded over the last few years in terms of personnel and equipment.

The headquarters of the cabinet, at AN IV B (Sector 15), occupies a villa that belongs to it and whose extension has allowed to create premises with an area (useful area) of more than 100 square meters.

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Vision & Objectives

The vision is to be able to work according to biblical convictions and to show that it is possible to put them into practice and succeed according to the ordinances of the book of grace.

it is to be able to give a testimony of the living God by the acts and the works and thus to transmit to other people the acquired experiences in order to give all the glory to the God creator of all things. The vision and objectives are signed by the CEO.

M. ZALA Formouzèrè Adama
General Director

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